Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic

Easy Tips to Integrate Social Media With SEO To Boost Your Traffic

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Integrate Social Media With SEO: In common language, Social Media Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are dependent & interlinked strategies. Both strategies can give you organic traffic, also focuses on inbound traffic that can be used to build & appeal visitors naturally & in an organic way. As social media also relies heavily on high-quality content & a strong base of brand presence can be an added advantage.

The efforts that you invest in SEO can get double with your social media reach, also this is the fact that can be heard by many search engine marketers that the more your social media presence is the results can be increased in your search rankings.

If you are consulting any search marketers they try to HIDE the facts on how social media can influence your Google Organic Rankings or some of them do not know the strategies themselves to explain it to you.

Integrate Social Media in your SEO - SEONoise

Increasing Your No. of Followers

The more followers you have on Social Media can have a more significant influence on your rankings & traffic. A company which has a Twitter account with 50 to 100 followers do not get any ranking bonus from Social Media that a company big or small has a million followers on Twitter & a million Facebook page likes can get.

This does come with some stipulation as Google is able to detect the quality of your followers, which means if you buy 50,000 or 100,000 proxy or paid followers then this is not going to impact on your Organic rankings. If you want your Social Media to give you results in OrganicResults then you have to build your followers manually & organically.

To increase your followers is a slow process, but it is also effective with your consistent interaction with your followers. Brand should be presented in a unique way with on a daily basis. Posing useful articles about your brand can be a help to stay connected, tips, general discussion or open inquiries also follow-up with your users in a conversation with a direct engagement with them. By initiating conversations & replying to direct messages are key to build a strong follower base & retaining them, with interactive following they encourage followers to revisit your social page & this helps to build your authority for the new potential audience.


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